California-Oregon 2013

Jul, Nana and Grandpa visited Northern California
and Southern Oregon for a 1-week adventure
June 11th - 18th

San Francisco

We arrived late on the 11th to San Francisco. On the 12th we toured the City with Grayline followed by a visit to Alcatraz.

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Muir Woods-Glass Beach

Early the next morning on the 13th, we headed north. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to Muir Woods. After lunch we made our way to Glass Beach and spent the night at Fort Bragg.

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Redwoods National and State Parks

We left our hotel early on the 14th and made our way to enjoy the northern redwoods.

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Crater Lake National Park

In the morning of the 15th, we crossed the border into Oregon. We stayed at the park and for the first time we didn't have to rush to our next destination. We took more photographs of the area and then headed to Lava Beds National Monument in the afternoon.

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Lava Beds National Monument

On the 16th, after spending the morning at Crater Lake, we made our way to Lava Beds National Monument. Juliana's favorite stop of our vacation. She loved hiking through the Lava Tubes.

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Lassen Volcanic National Park

June 17th, our last stop: Lassen Volcanic National Park. A little dissapointing, we arrived at the park a little too early for the season. Snow got in the way of some of our planned hikes, but Jul still took advantage and enjoyed snow. That evening we headed back to San Francisco for our flight back to Philadelphia in the morning.

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