Leaving Ft. Lauderdale

May 26, 2012. Jo and I took a shuttle from our Ft Lauderdal Hotel and embarked on the Emerald Princess for our 27 Day transatlantic crossing and our cruise of the Blak Sea.
DSCN4215  Arriving at Ft. Lauderdale port  DSCN4216  The Emerald Princess  DSCN4219  WCF 8608 
WCF 8611  A blimp in the distance  WCF 8617  Happy Hour at the Blue Martini  WCF 8622  From Bill Farschman's Camera  WCF 8625  Heading out 
WCF 8631  A bucket of beer, a slice of pizza, heading out for a 27-day cruise... doesn't get any better than that  WCF 8632  From Bill Farschman's Camera  WCF 8633  Exiting the Port of Ft. Lauderdale  WCF 8635