4 Cornwall-England

Another Princess Tour, this time out of Cornwall, England on May 6th. We visited the town of St. Ives, Land's End, and stopped to take some pictures of St. Michael's Mount
WCF 9024  The good thing ... Not many tenders on this cruise  DSCN4340  Leaving the Emerald Princess  DSCN4341  ...  WCF 9027  Our tor: First stop St. Ives and then to the western most point in Great Britian, Land's End 
WCF 9031  Beach at St Ives  WCF 9035  St. Ives  WCF 9034  St. Ives  WCF 9036  St. Ives 
WCF 9037  St. Ives  DSCN4349  Bill at St. Ives  WCF 9039  St. Ives  WCF 9044  St. Ives 
DSCN4357  St. Ives  WCF 9049  From Bill Farschman's Camera  DSCN4359  St. Ives  WCF 9052  St. Ives 
DSCN4363  Lunch  DSCN4365  Bill  DSCN4366  St. Ives  WCF 9065  St. Ives 
WCF 9067  St. Ives  WCF 9069  St. Ives  WCF 9083  To Land's End  WCF 9084  Cemetary 
WCF 9090  Land's End  WCF 9093  Land's End  WCF 9096  Land's End  WCF 9099  Land's End 
WCF 9101  Land's End  WCF 9103  Land's End  WCF 9111  St. Michael's Mount  WCF 9112  St. Michael's Mount 
WCF 9115  St. Michael's Mount  WCF 9138  St. Michael's Mount  WCF 9139  St. Michael's Mount  WCF 9142  St. Michael's Mount 
WCF 9152  Emerald Princess  WCF 9156  While waiting to get back on the tender ...  WCF 9157  A really long tender line