2 Azores-Portugal

Our First Port of Call on May 2nd: Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal. We took a Princess Tour to Terra Nostra Gardens & Furnas Hot Springs
WCF 8659  WCF 8680  Portugal License Plate  WCF 8661  On our way to Terra Nostra Gardens  DSCN4234 
WCF 8670  Next stop: Furnas Hot Springs  DSCN4244  DSCN4248  Spring fed pond  WCF 8685 
WCF 8687  Swimmers in the very warm water  WCF 8691  Shortly, we will be walking to the mansion on the hill and we'll get another view of the pond  DSCN4253  DSCN4257 
WCF 8699  DSCN4261  WCF 8714  From Bill Farschman's Camera  WCF 8729 
WCF 8731  WCF 8733  WCF 8737  My buddy, Dan, identified my picture of a pair of Mandarin Ducks  WCF 8738 
WCF 8743  WCF 8747  DSCN4280  Furnace Hot Springs  WCF 8754 
DSCN4282  WCF 8757  DSCN4286  DSCN4290 
DSCN4295  Jo likes the coble stones  DSCN4296  DSCN4298  Bill trying out the healing waters from the mineral spring  WCF 8773  Yes, Jo trying out the healing waters from the mineral spring 
WCF 8774  DSCN4306  WCF 8786  WCF 8789 
WCF 8791  DSCN4312  WCF 8792  DSCN4313 
WCF 8802  WCF 8805  WCF 8813  Tea Plantation  WCF 8819 
WCF 8821  WCF 8828  WCF 8829  WCF 8837 
WCF 8838  DSCN4323  Jo liked the mosaic walks  DSCN4325  WCF 8841  A visit to the first of many churches on our cruise 
DSCN4329  WCF 8850  WCF 8861  WCF 8862 
WCF 8864  WCF 8867  WCF 8871  Leaving the Azores