Arizona & Utah 2000

Grand Canyon, Walnut Canyon, Petrified Forest, Paintede Desert, Coconino National Forest, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Colorado River Float Trip, Sunset Crater, Wupatki Nat Monument, Monument Valley and Pinnacle Peak in Phoenix
Apr23a  Our first of several stops at the Cameron Trading Post.  Later on our way to Monument valley, we even had a prolonged stay because of a bus breakdown.  Apr23b  Just before we arrived at the Grand Canyon, the bus stopped at the canyons cut out by the Little Colorado, a branch of the Colorado.  A nice preview of what was coming next.  Apr23c  The Grand Canyon  Apr23d  I temporarily stayed at the top of the trail to get the picture.  Jo, Karen and Gary started down the trail used by the mules to haul people down into the canyon.  Kind of had to watch our step. 
Apr23e  Gary, Karen, and Jo  Apr23f  The four of us  Apr24a  Monday, April 24th, we went out on our own.  We started the day at Walnut Canyon National Monument and saw several Indian ruins.  We then went on to the Petrified forest and the Painted Desert.  Apr24b  To the right of Gary and Karen you can see the cliff dwellings in the side of the cliff.  We had a very long walk toward the bottom of the canyon with many steps up to get back. 
Apr24c  We are heading back to the top on the canyon.  We paced ourselves and gradually made our way back.  At the top you can see the Visitors Center.  Apr24d  Karen was busy counting steps.  I forgot how many she got to, about double the number they stated in the handout.  Not too far to go!  Apr24e  Petrified Forest National Park  Apr24f  Here, Gary and Jo are looking across the Painted Desert. 
Apr24g  I shot this picture showing how, with erosion, more petrified logs are showing up.  Apr24h  Lots of colors, below you can see a walkway, but at this point in time we were beat, so we didn't adventure down.  Apr24i  Great view of lots of petrified remains.  Apr25a  April 25, Stop on the tour at Oak Creek Canyon. 
Apr25b  A view of the cut backs in the road which we are about to go down.  Apr25c  One of the few pictures with the four of us together.  Nice Sedona shot.  Apr25d  Jo shopping in Sedona.  Apr25e  Montezuma Castle. 
Apr25f  Montezuma Castle.  Apr26a  April 26, I think this was the highlight of our trip.  We took one bus to the Cameron Trading Post and ended up there for a couple of hours, the connecting bus broke down.  When we finally made it, it was well worth the wait.  The first picture is the Glen Canyon Dam and if you look at the right cliff you can see where they discarded stone when the dug a two mile long tunnel to get from the top of the canyou to the dam.  Apr26b  First bend after leaving Glen Canyon Dam.  Apr26c  The trip lasted about five hours.  At about the 1/2 way point, a guide in the other raft hook up with us and he sang to us in the shade of the south was kind of hot on the Colorado. 
Apr26d  Our guide, in the picture with Karen and Gary, parked the raft along side a bolder on the river and I took a picture of the three.  Apr26e  Nice sand dune toward the end of our trip.  Apr27a  Sunset Crater  Apr27b  Lava Flow 
Apr27c  Cinder Cones  Apr27d  Sunset Crater  Apr27e  Flower in cinders  Apr27f  Wupatki National Monument 
Apr27g  Wupatki National Monument  Apr27h  Wupatki National Monument  Apr27i  Wupatki National Monument  Apr28a  Monument Valley 
Apr28b  Monument Valley  Apr28c  Our touring Vehicle  Apr28d  Monument Valley  Apr28e  Gary doing a traditional dance 
Apr28f  Bill and Jo in Monument Valley  Apr29a  Jo and Gary Shopping  Apr29b  Pinnacle Peak Patio in Scottsdale, AZ.  Apr29c  Pinnacle Peak Patio 
Apr29d  Dining at Pinnacle Peak Patio  Apr29e  Dining and Entertainment at Pinnacle Peak Patio  Apr29f  Entertainment at Pinnacle Peak Patio  April28g  Monument Valley