Fishing in 1994 aboard the Obsession

Circa 1994
Fishing Trophy001  A stripper from the sea wall south of C & D Canal aboard the Trophy  American Lady 003  At the end of our trip aboard the American Lady  American Lady 002  A yellowfin and a Bigeye  Fishing001  My 1996 Dodge 4WD 
Fishing002  Dropping in the boat  Fishing003  Ocean City, Maryland Docks  Fishing011  John Driving  Fishing005  Trolling 
Fishing004  Waiting ...  Fishing013  Trolling  Fishing009  Setting up lures  Fishing010  Trolling 
Fishing017  John  Dave tuna 001  Dave Morrison gaffing John Wolf's tuna  John mahi mahi001  Mahi Mahi  false albacore  False Albacore 
Fishing006  Back Home: Two of the Bluefin Tuna that we caught, today  Fishing007  Bill with Bluefin  Fishing008  John, with the larger Bluefin  Fishing015  John 
Fishing016  Wayne  Fishing018  Dave  Fishing019  Bill  Fishing020  Lots of Tautog 
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